2022 Events

We raised more than $5600 and donated 354 pairs of new shoes this year! We also made lots of new friends & supporters! Scroll down to see pics and deets from all our events. 




New Shoe Drive & Delivery

August 2022
October 2022




Tyler Tech Project

November 2022




Hope Center for Autism

December 2022




FWISD Parent Partnerships

December 2022

2022 Highlights

Our Annual New Shoe Drive Fundraiser was a tremendous success! We are so incredibly thankful and appreciative of the generosity of 55 supporters including Target and Academy! Thanks to everyone's help,
we received 43 pairs of new shoes and we raised
$2,665, for a total of
160 pairs of new shoes!! 

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Read the press release from Fort Worth ISD!

160 pairs of new shoes were delivered to T.A. Sims Elementary School on October 17, 2022, Maggie's Birthday. We are thankful for Principal Andrea Harper, FWISD School Board Member Anne Darr, the school Counselor and Social Worker, and the many teachers who helped the students find new shoes! Our Board Members Claudia Villanueva, Sarah Rubinson, and Gene Nichols were a huge help along with Grant Rubinson. 

As the students tried on new shoes, I noticed their current shoes were very worn. Some soles were coming apart and I wondered how long the kids had worn shoes that were falling apart.

We got to know the students a little bit, finding out their names, favorite colors, and favorite classes in school. Almost all of the children had smiles on their faces... there was one child who did not find a pair of shoes that fit him. We made sure he received a gift card to pick out a new pair of shoes that he will love! We also noticed every single student said thank you before leaving the event, they were patient with one another, and they cleaned up after themselves. What a tremendous group of students!! 

"Two of the girls that I helped were friends in the fifth grade. They wanted to try on all the different shoes and seemed indifferent to each pair. Separately, they both selected the very first pair they tried on: pink shiny high tops. When they met back together with their new shoes, they were giggling with excitement to discover that they were twins!" Sarah Rubinson, Board Member

"The kids were so happy and excited! It brought joy to my heart to see them picking out shoes and able to take them home. I could see the kids really did need new shoes." Claudia Villanueva, Board Member

"Some of the students were quiet and reserved when they came up to get their shoes. They seemed nervous and unsure. It was obvious when they tried on the right shoe because a smile spread across their faces. Their anxiety melted and they were proud to show their teachers and their classmates their new shoes!" Sarah Rubinson, Board Member

"The principal's reaction and attitude brought me so much joy. I could tell that she is a great leader, and her kind demeanor really impressed me. She really cares about her students and staff." Claudia Villanueva, Board Member

We are so thankful - beyond words thankful - to our supporters. You created this joy! You donated new shoes from our wish list, you donated funds so we could buy new shoes, you supported the mission and... you did it all in my mother's name. 

If I could tell my Mom about the shoe delivery, I'd tell her this: "Mom, it's been 2 years since we lost you. Two years, and people are still saying your name. They're still remembering you, and +60 people came together to carry on a mission you started without even realizing it! " I think that would make her smile. She knew the pain of living through childhood poverty. She wanted to ease that pain for as many students and families as she could. I am proud to say my Mom is still helping students and families... all through her name... all because of you. Thank you. 

See you next year! We'll get things kickin' again in 2023! 
<3 Lisa (Maggie's daughter) Founder, President

#NewKicks4Kids Update 11/2/22

Some fun things have happened since the end of our 2022 New Shoe Drive! And more good things are coming. Watch this short video for all the details! #promisedher #maggiessolemission #NewKicks4Kids #thankful 

November 2022

Which pair did he select?? A student at S.S. Dillow Elementary tried on 4 new pairs of shoes and selected his favorite: all black Adidas hi-tops! This was an immediate need that arose after our annual new shoe drive. Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to purchase 4 pairs of new shoes in his size range and in his favorite colors so he could try on a few and find the perfect fit. He was initially in shock when he saw all the new shoes. Then big smiles appeared as he tried on the different shoes, no doubt loving all of them. It was a tough decision choosing just one pair. We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet an immediate need for a sweet kid within Fort Worth ISD. #maggiessolemission #NewKicks4Kids #promisedher #thankful 

Tyler Technologies Marketing Project

Maggie's Sole Mission was selected by the amazing Marketing team at Tyler Technologies to be the recipient of 160 pairs of new shoes + a generous check of $2,500!! Individual employees donated over $185. We are so thankful for our new friends at Tyler Tech!

For their 2022 Annual Meeting team-building project, they designed and decorated new Keds with students in mind. With their help, every single pair was given to a student at Morningside, S.S. Dillow, and Carroll Peak Elementary schools. Thank you to everyone at Tyler Tech and our Board Members Claudia Villanueva & Sarah Rubinson!

Hope Center for Autism

Our good friend, Rachael Hackler, is a Board Member for this organization and the founder of TrueSelf Counseling. We heard some of the students needed new shoes for Christmas and we were thrilled to lend our support! Three new pairs of fancy shoes for some cool kids!

FWISD Parent Partnerships

Meet our new friend, Mrs. Marta Plata! She is the founder and Executive Director of FWISD Parent Partnerships. And, we discovered, Maggie was her mentor when she was a new principal! I always say, my mom never met a stranger! 

We heard there were many students in FWISD who are raised by their grandparents, mostly because their mothers have died. Our hearts were touched, and we felt called to help! We bought 27 pairs of new shoes to benefit students in this important program! Losing your mom is awful. Losing your mom as a kid... it's unimaginable. Yet these brave and super cool kids are living it. We wanted to bring them a little cheer for Christmas morning. Each pair of shoes was hugged by Lisa in hopes the students somehow feel the love and support from all of us. Thank you to Mrs. Plata, her incredible team, and Board Member Sarah Rubinson for their help with this project!

2021 Highlights

4 weeks in the summer + caring people all over the US and as far away as Japan & Europe = 78 pairs of new shoes for homeless students in Arlington ISD. 
41 known supporters!
8 anonymous supporters!

Benefitting the SOS program with Arlington ISD.